Creative thinking in public space

Movement within the boundaries of a defined space and at the same time infinite

The illustration library at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Design: Diti Avdar Yeger

The illustration library
Israel Museum Jerusalem
Youth and Education Wing

Creative thinking in the public spaces

Movement within the defined and limited spaces of the illustration library. The youth wing, at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

In an age when children choose "Instant" options, I chose to revive and flex the space and let it be seen every time from a fresh new perspective.

I see the library as a parable and the closed book as potential Thus, spaces become flexible and dynamic, such as the movement that occurs when we open a fascinating book and dive into the world of imagination.

The design solutions combine functionality and dynamism in a fixed space for: temporary exhibitions, a variable audience of individuals, families, and groups that come to browse and to the various activities in the library.

Thanks to the Library Manager, Mrs. Orna Granot, who choose every time a new and refreshing path, and to routing the next view and exhibition. Thereby proving that the children's movement to the world of illustrations and stories are natural and sweeping.

Diti Avdar Yeger

Designing public spaces that develop the art of creative thinking interests me.

I'd like you to come back to me after I update the details.